Who Are the Queen City Cryptic Researchers?

Queen City Cryptic Researchers was founded in 2018 by cast members of the Black Raven Chronicles TV Show, Lead Investigators Dawn Biery, Michael Hoover, Michael Biery, and Travis Cason. As former Co-Directors & members of Black Raven Paranormal, having 24 plus years, collectively, of experience investigating in the paranormal field, the QCCR Team seeks to continue to research and document evidence of the unknown.

“For those who believe, no explanation is necessary, for those who do not believe, no explanation will suffice.” -Joseph Dunninger

QCCR’s Mission

Queen City Cryptic Researchers are an experienced, investigation and research organization located in Staunton, Virginia. We seek to promote research into paranormal phenomena through cooperation and support of other individuals, groups, organizations, or research institutions that deal with consciousness science, parapsychology and the paranormal. Our aim is to provide assistance in regards to problems that may be due to paranormal experiences. Using a variety of technologies our main objective is to capture, collect, and discern data and information from paranormal and anomalous activity and to then share our findings with the public via our case files found here on our website.

Lead Investigators

Dawn Biery

Mike Biery

Michael Hoover

Travis Cason

(Meet the Team)

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