Meet The Team

We are a small team of experienced professionals investigating in the paranormal field. We love what we do, and we do it with passion and integrity. The QCCR Team seeks to continue to research and document evidence of the unknown.

Dawn Biery

Lead Investigator, Para Researcher/Journalist, Producer, Hypnotherapist

Dawn has researched paranormal phenomenon for close to 25 yrs. Her personal experiences with psychic functioning, knowledge of parapsychology & work in spiritual counseling & hypnotherapy are indispensable on investigations and when assisting clients who’ve experienced anomalous phenomenon.

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Michael Hoover

Lead Investigator, Tech Manager

Michael Hoover has been investigating paranormal phenomenon actively since 2008 but growing up in a home with activity, triggered a life-long search for evidence & answers.

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Travis Cason

Lead Investigator, Client Coordinator

Travis became interested in the paranormal when he had personal experiences after the passing of a loved one. He began investigating in the field in 2012.

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Mike Biery

Lead Investigator, Director of Videography

Mike got involved with researching & filming the paranormal in 2015. He was the Director of Photography/Videography for the TV show, The Black Raven Chronicles – Adventures in the Paranormal.

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